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Writer, Producer, Director & Special FX make up artist

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About Jonny

Jonny Stearn is a Filmmaker and Special Make-Up FX artist who is currently doing his MA, specialising in Writing/Directing, at Raindance. He also trained in Prosthetics/Special Make Up FX under Dave Bonneywell at Gorton Studios in 2013.

Jonny has a BA Hons in Film Studies from LSBU where he was awarded the Course Director's prize on graduation, and went on to study DFX at the NFTS before settling for more specialised training at Gorton Studios in SFX Make-Up. Currently Jonny spends his time working towards getting his first feature film made, photography and practical Special Make-Up FX for all kinds of projects. Some big names are already attached to the feature - watch this space. Before turning his attention to film, Jonny worked as a Body Piercer which included a large number of celebrity clientele.

He has run his own piercing studio and for 10 years worked for Metalmorphosis at four studios and most of the big annual music festivals and trade shows. He has had exhibitions as an artist, been a circus performer in Ibiza, Thailand and the UK where he presented juggling and extreme fireshows, and also promoted his own clubnights. Jonny recently completed writing a dark comedy script for a feature film,'Spiked' - which he hopes to get made in the future. In 2010, his short 'The Price We Pay', was chosen to be screened at Raindance Film Festival. He has also worked as a Cinema Projectionist amongst other things.

As well as being in love with all aspects of Film, Jonny's roots are grounded in Graffiti, skateboarding, photography and underground music - he also enjoyed studying Music Technology in Leeds College of Music.

Born and raised in Germany, Jonny has a passion for travel, he has lived in different locations around the world and is currently based in Covent Garden, London. For the right opportunity Jonny will travel anywhere to work on film, although he wants to move to LA when possible!!

Jonny is currently working on his feature length directorial debut


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Below you'll see some images of Jonny's recent work, more coming soon!

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Past Projects

Jonny has made several movies whilst achieving his BA Hons in Film Studies from LSBU. Check out his early student films below.

The Trips

A short film about possesion and time travel

The Trips was filmed in Germany and the UK and features a cast of family and friends, Written and directed by Jonny Stearn.

One Night in Hackney

A promo video for a famous techno track.

Jonnys first movie, a film inspired by the popular techno track by Dave the Drummer and Chirs Liberator. The film acts as a promo video for the track "One Night In Hackney", and revolves around a story about a dog who goes to an underground rave in London. Written and directed by Jonny Stearn.

Acid Dudes

Stop motion animation movie about some crazy characters on a weird afternoon.

Sick and twisted, X rated dark comedy animation made by Jonny Stearn and Henry Cullen A.k.a D.A.V.E The Drummer. Created, written, produced, edited and directed by Jonny Stearn. Starring Jonny Stearn and Henry Cullen. Soundtrack and sound design by Henry Cullen. Narration written by Jonny Stearn and Henry Cullen. Artwork by Jonny Stearn. A Jonboy Films Production. made in London 2012 (Over the Olympic period). Play on surround sound speakers for full effect!!

High on Altitude

Documentary about sky diving for charity

Short documentary made by Jonny Stearn in his second year of uni in 2010. This video shows a bunch of dudes going skydiving - some for the first time, all with hardly any sleep and massive hangovers.

Jonny is woring hard on new projects, there will be more pics up here soon.


You can contact Jonny Stearn by using the contact methods below, or you can find him on Facebook and Vimeo.

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